Brace yourself;

"Beautiful and calm night, no?"

  ❝I found a wife.
       And it’s a good job I did. You wouldn’t be here, otherwise.

grandpa pls



       ❝They will fade.

   A repetition of previous words, if only to ensure the others understanding.

       ❝Your journey will always remain with you— I won’t lie about that.
       But you will get used to the idea, eventually. It will become easier to tolerate.

   It was all a matter of adaptation; the very same thing that they’d both had to cope with in the first place, before their journeys had even fully begun. Just as he had adapted to the flow of time and the strains of a child’s mind trapped within an adults body, his successor would need to do the same; from peace to violence to peace once more. It would be difficult, of course— but the goddesses had gifted Twilight with the courage he needed to remain strong and fight through even this. All he needed to do was wield it.

       ❝—What I went through is not important.
       Perhaps you could focus on all the good you did, instead?

"I will…take your word on it."

{/ A pause, however short, as he allowed the elder’s words to sink into his own mind, his own body. } “How long, do you think. .how long will it be until they fade…? I have grown weary already.”

{/ Adaptation. This hero knows that word all too well. He has adapted to many things in his lifetime; a wolf’s body, a life that promised forever violence, a kingdom he loved draped in something he once thought was only a myth, having to save that kingdom, a certain imp he grown to care for, that same imp leaving him at the end of his quest, a Shadow Crystal inside his head that caused much pain, he even had to adapt to a mirrored realm once only spoken of in stories. So, yes, he knows adaptation well. This is only another part in his life that he must adapt to, if he wishes to sanely survive. }

"Mhm," {/ A nod, signaling he understood. Then, blue optics took a curious look upon them. } “How did you adapt to it?”

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       ❝Don’t worry, they will fade with time.

   A smile, finally— the first he’d offered since they’d met that day, although it was stained with both sympathy and understanding. Oh; he knew of night terrors. Any warrior would, let alone those who’d seen far more of the land and the horrors within it that any man (any child) should.

   The task of the Hero was not an easy one.

       ❝—It was hard, wasn’t it.
       I’m sure you saw many things you did not wish to.


"But what if they do not…? What if I am plagued with them until the very day I give out my last breath?" {/ As much as he disliked thinking these things, he could not help it. However, with a glance up, it allowed him to see the sympathetic and clearly understanding smile upturning the others’ lips. It gave him hope, really, even it was a small amount for a brief time. Yet he, of all people, knew that even a little hope may be all that is needed. } “—I did.” {/ His voice grew shaky, as he tried to let little emotion through. } “I am sure yours was not any better, if not worse. You were forced to adjust to such horrors with the mind of a child, no? I, on the hand, had to adjust to a life of violence after knowing the exact opposite for so long.”


                                             This is the way, the FIGHTING MAN’s road
                                                Once you decide, there’s n o other road



       ❝As it should.

   Rarely was a Hero’s job fully completed, as unfortunate as it may seem. Yet, as long as Twilight had been made aware of the lingering concern, the spirit could do little else. No longer was he the Hero, after all. It was not his place to meddle with the issues of the living— at least, not fully.

   A hum flows through parted lips nonetheless, consideration dimming the light of his gaze. The news of troubled sleep only brought more questions to mind.


"Mhm, nightmares," {/ He started, before he paused for a short moment, then continued speaking. } “I tend to. . wake screaming and cannot get back to sleep, residing in my home until daylight in fear the dream will become a reality.” {/ Such matters are never spoken of unless to people he trusts with his very life, which is already quite a limitation. Therefore, they have not been spoken of, until now. He feels others cannot relate, does not wish to trouble them with his problems, and he figured the spirit of an ancestor is the best to speak to about such things. }

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       ❝—You suppose?

   A request for elaboration.
   But one that he fails to offer himself.
   Not when there were greater things on his mind.

       ❝The forest has been unsettled.
       Do you feel it?

"I am okay, for the most part. I have just…had some troubles sleeping." {/ The younger hero nodded, though, to confirm what was asked, concern lacing both of their voices. } “Nn, I have noticed every so often. Such a thing makes me uneasy.”



   There is no greeting on his tongue
   nor smile upon his lips.

   What use was caution in a time like this?

       ❝—Are you alright?

{/ If such an inquiry was his first spoken words upon seeing his descendant… Was he…worried or even concerned? } “—Ah, I have…been alright, I suppose. Have you been well?”